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Book Cover of Fibromyawesome by Melanie O'Shea

FibromyAWESOME is an empowering and personal guide to navigating recovery from Fibromyalgia. It’s easy to read, practical and informed. Melanie teaches you how to be the expert of your own body and you will discover the steps towards the journey of transforming your health. Melanie will show that it truly is possible for your health to radically improve. I’d recommend it to anyone who is struggling with this illness and will be sure to buy some copies for my psychology practice!” 

Sarah Purvey, BA HONS (Psych); MPSYCH (Clin), Clinical Psychologist

Book Cover of Fibromyawesome by Melanie O'Shea

“Thank you Mel for filling a niche in sharing your journey with fibromyalgia. I am sure your strategies and well considered experiences will be well received, and of great benefit to others living with fibromyalgia (and their families). You have written this book in an easy to read, conversational style which feels like a chat with a friend. Thank you for writing through the lens of hope and offering suggestions for how women can take their lives back.”

Dr. Jo Lukins, PHD

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