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What is a superfood?

A superfood is essentially any food marketed as such. Yep, it’s just a marketing term! Foods commonly referred to as being superfoods include: blueberries, kale, sweet potato, chia seeds, cacao, green tea, acai berries, salmon, and many more.

Superfoods are supposedly high in nutrients, antioxidants, and other bits and pieces that will help prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and produce a whole host of health benefits. Sounds great right?

Here’s the kicker – there’s not actually any criteria to say what does and doesn’t qualify as a superfood, meaning there’s no guarantee that buying a product labelled as a superfood is actually going to do you any good.

Having said that, there are some foods that are in fact naturally higher in nutrients than others, and some have actually been shown, through scientific studies, to improve health, and help prevent disease. This post provides a list of some of these proven ‘true-superfoods’. The internet is rich with these lists now, so it’s easy to see which superfoods are truly worth including in your diet.

How do I include more ‘true-superfoods’ in my diet?

Easy done! I can show how to do it in just one day.

Breakfast: omelette with mushroom and avocado, and a green tea.

Mid-morning snack: Add some blueberries and turmeric to a smoothie (I use both, and other nutrient-rich foods, in my daily smoothie. Sign up here and I’ll send you the recipe!)

Lunch: Salmon and oven-baked sweet potato chips drizzled with olive oil. Healthy fish and chips!

Mid-afternoon snack: Strawberries, handful of raw almonds, and kefir.

Dinner: Stir fry with kale, beans, garlic, ginger, raw cashews, and pumpkin seeds.

Did you notice any changes in your health after including more of these ‘true-superfoods’ in your diet? Comment below!

Melanie x

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