Intuition & Spirit

How to consciously manifest & create the reality you want

We are constantly choosing our reality.

Whether we are aware of it, or not, we create the conditions of our existence.

Once we become aware of the power we have, and embrace it, we can intentionally, consciously manifest our greatest desires and aspirations, using the Law of Attraction.

Manifestation isn’t complicated, you just need to practice.

Start with these tips:

Believe in yourself.

Acknowledge that you are capable of powerful manifestation and trust that you are capable of creating the reality you truly desire.

Have a vision and create an action plan to achieve it.

Write it down. Own it. You need to know exactly what you want. Be specific. Energise your vision with your desire for it. Visualise how you will feel, what you will see/hear/smell when you manifest your vision.

Take action.

Focus on the first step, and once you’ve completed it, then move on to the next. Set goals to achieve each step and write them down.

Believe, believe, believe.

Conscious manifestation cannot happen unless you believe it. When you think “this will never happen for me”, the Universe says “so be it”. Believe that what you want is already on its way to you.

Practice gratitude.

Count your blessings, and appreciate who you are and where you have come from. Thank the Universe for that which you have already received, for providing for you.

Let it go.

This one is tricky, and seems like a contradiction. However, by letting go of the when and how, trusting that everything you desire will come to you when the time is right – divine timing – you show the Universe that you believe it is already yours.