Intuition & Spirit

Intuitive decisions – if it feels right, it is

It just feels right…

Everyday, all day long, we make decisions – logical, calculated, evidence-based, life-sustaining…intuitive.

Intuitive decisions are those ones that just “pop up” without a lot of pondering, facts or figures. Unexplainable. Not needing justification.

They just are. They just feel right somehow.

These are the decisions that come from our intuition, our gut, our higher self. The decisions that are in the best interests of our soul’s journey in this lifetime.

We don’t need to know the why’s and how’s, we just need to trust.

This can be a hard thing to do in this world, where we are taught that we can’t trust unless there is scientific evidence, facts & figures, research, studies, results.

We have been taught to blindly trust that experts, doctors, politicians, people of ‘authority’, know what’s best for us.

We’ve forgotten that the one person we should trust the most is ourselves.

Our Higher Self has all of the knowledge, experience, insight, and evidence that we need in order to live the life we are meant to live.

We just need to start trusting ourselves again.

So how do we tap into our intuition, our Higher Self?

We sit. And we listen.

Ask a question and pay attention to the very first word, phrase, image or vision that pops into your mind.

And accept it. Trust it.

The more you exercise your intuition ‘muscle’ the stronger it gets.

It gets easier to listen and to accept.

If it feels right, it is.