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If you follow your intuition, can you ever make a ‘bad’ decision?

About a month ago, I posted about our recent move from Townsville to Maleny. I’m not sure yet what the next step is for me, or for Ultimate You By You, but I know I was drawn to this beautiful place and community for a reason.

I had a vision a couple of months ago of a truly happy, fulfilled life here for myself & my girls, and I had a deep knowing that I needed to be here for something…and with time I’m sure it’ll all become crystal clear.

Have you ever had that feeling – when you just know you need to be somewhere, do something, at a certain time?

I’ve recently come to believe that listening to that feeling – our intuition – means we can never make a bad decision for ourselves. Even if it doesn’t work out the way we think it should, our intuition will always lead us in the direction we need to be led. Sometimes that means everything falls into place like a dream, and sometimes that means we learn difficult and uncomfortable life lessons.

We may look back on those situations or decisions with regret and feel like we made the wrong choice. But just because it doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean it was wrong – perhaps that uncomfortable lesson needed to be learned in this lifetime to get us to where we truly want to be in this life or the next.

I no longer consider either of my marriages, or any relationship for that matter, as ‘failed’ simply because they didn’t last ’til death do us part. I learnt what I needed to from my husbands/boyfriends, and from being a wife/girlfriend.

I no longer feel guilty for giving up on my nursing career before it barely started, or the $10,000s I’ve racked up in HECS debt. I learnt what I needed to learn from my experiences as a uni student/single mum, and from any job I ever had really, regardless of how long I stayed in it.

We need to stop believing that the ‘right’ choices are the only choices that will lead us to the ‘right’ job/partner/relationship/experience.

And we need to stop being afraid that the ‘wrong’ decision will be our downfall and will lead us away from our life path.

I truly believe that if you’ve followed your intuition, shit may still hit the fan – because…well….life! – but you can feel reassured that the shit had to hit the fan for a reason, maybe a reason that will only become clear when this life ends, but there’s always a reason.

I believe if we trust in our intuition and we actually, really & truly listen to it, we can feel confident that we can’t put a foot wrong.

What do think?