My Musings

I’m having a NO. day

You know those days when it’s just NO.?

NO. to thinking positive.

NO. to affirmations and mantras.

NO. to meditation and reflection.

NO. to the sun will come out tomorrow.

NO. to a cup of tea will fix it.

NO. to getting shit done.

NO. to shake it off, shake it off.

NO. to life lessons to be learned.

NO. to everything happens for a reason.

NO. to in the grand scheme of things.

NO. to I choose to smile and feel happy.

NO. to self care.

You know those days? We’ve all had them haven’t we?

I think those days are OK.

I don’t know why, but today I felt I had to say that. Maybe someone out there needs permission to have one of those days, or maybe I needed to give myself permission.

Either way, I’m making like Grumpy Cat and embracing the NO. days from now on.