TOP 3 Movement Activities for Fibromyalgia

When you have fibro, the last thing you feel like doing is moving; in fact, you want to move as little as possible. Your body pretty much screams at you to stop moving when you do.

However, movement is so important for recovering from fibromyalgia. Movement helps oxygenate your blood, which in turns helps the body heal at a cellular level. Plus, movement can be such a great way to manage stress – a very common trigger of flare-ups.

You don’t need to overdo it and start training for a marathon, but you need to start moving on a regular basis. If you can only manage 5-10 minutes to start with, that’s fine. Consistency is more important than duration. You can gradually build up your endurance from 5-10 minutes a day.

These 3 movements are, in my experience, the best ways to get started.

#1 Stretching/yoga Keep it very gentle – your muscles will be super tight from not being used much! With yoga, stick to restorative poses to start with.

#2 Walking Start by walking around your living room is that’s all you can manage. For starters, don’t worry about getting your heart rate up, focus on posture and breathing deeply.

#3 Swimming This is such a great way to increase muscle strength and lung capacity without putting pressure on sore muscles and stiff joints. And swimming laps can be as relaxing as meditating!

Is there a movement activity you think should be added to the list?

2 thoughts on “TOP 3 Movement Activities for Fibromyalgia”

  1. I found daily stretching really helped with my pain and also helped me build muscle endurance. I love to get my stretching through yoga because I get bored easily and there are so many varieties of yoga, each with a different focus – stretching, relaxation, restorative, muscle building, flexibility – and so many different yoga videos/classes available that I can maintain the habit of stretching daily and never get bored, which makes it so much easier for me to prioritise time for it each day!
    That works for me, and it’s fantastic that you’re open to discovering what works for you. Melanie x

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