Past Life Regressions

Past life regressions – I’m hooked!

Unless you’ve been living under a past life regression rock (I just realised that’s probably most people…?), you would know the name Brian L Weiss, MD. For those of you who don’t (most of you…?), Brian is kind of the guru of past life regressions and is an advocate for it’s use as a therapy for treating anxiety, depression, phobias, chronic pain, relationship patterns, and more.

Anyway, I have read a few of Brian’s books and found them to be intriguing, and I wanted to give it a go for myself. I found on YouTube a recording of a guided past life regression that Brian had done for a group, and I figured what not give it a go.

I found Brian’s voice very soothing and found I easily entered a very relaxed, meditative state. I don’t know if it’s because I meditate regularly and have experienced hypnosis before (hypnosis essentially being a deep meditative state that you are guided into), or if most people will have similar results from doing this guided meditation the first time, but I was able to see and immerse myself in a memory from my childhood, from in the womb, and from a past life. And then I was in spirit, or in between lives, and reflecting on what I had learned.

Was it real? Or imagination? I don’t know. I don’t really care. It affected me in a very real way, and that’s good enough for me.

I was able to see, feel, witness events that, upon reflection, helped me to understand some of the decisions, choices, feelings, reactions, patterns that have been a part of my human experience in this lifetime. This gave me peace and comfort, and allowed me a different perspective that I don’t think I would have developed on my own.

I immediately wrote down what I had seen and the insights I gained. I felt amazing!

Since then, I have done six more past life regressions. Each one a profound experience. Each one has helped me understand something about this life.

And, now I feel drawn to sharing what I have witnessed, felt and learnt during these regressions. I’m not sure why. Logically, I feel like being such a personal thing to experience, that sharing with others won’t really make any difference for anyone, in the way they have for me, but I think my intuition is telling me that I’m not the only one who will benefit from me doing past life regressions.

So, if you’re interested, I will be sharing for you.

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