Melanie’s Story

Fearless to Fibromyalgia

Melanie spent her childhood in the small mining town of Mt. Isa, Queensland, Australia. At 16, her family relocated to Brisbane after her mum tragically passed away from leukaemia. Melanie dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. However, after completing university with an Applied Science degree, she married and welcomed two treasured daughters.

The Diagnosis

At 30 – divorced, and a struggling single mum to two young girls – Melanie enrolled in a nursing degree. Throughout her life, nursing had played a huge role for Melanie. Not only as a nurse’s daughter  caring for her childhood friends’ scraped knees in the playground, as a leukaemia sufferer’s child, and as a parent during her daughter’s multiple surgeries and hospital stays – but also in the caring, nurturing and support she received from nurses with her own health. 

As she dedicated herself to motherhood and her studies, her young family received two life-changing diagnoses: 

  • Her eldest daughter, Rhiannon, was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome. A rare genetic condition, her daughter requires hours of therapy and regular appointments with specialists. 
  • Melanie was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This debilitating condition is characterised by chronic fatigue, muscle pain, aching joints, migraines, ‘foggy’ brain, memory problems, and insomnia.

 Yet, within 5 years of commencement, Melanie achieved her Bachelor of Nursing. With distinction. 

The Remedy

Doctors advised Melanie that there was little to help with her fibromyalgia symptoms. So, like many other sufferers, Melanie managed her symptoms as best she could whilst juggling life’s demands. 

One day – now known as Attitude Change (AC) Day – Melanie decided fibromyalgia wouldn’t dictate her life. Using her knowledge from nursing and her thirst for learning, Melanie set out to heal herself. She tackled her symptoms one by one, trying different diet, exercise and lifestyle changes over a sustained period of time until she was successfully managing her fibromyalgia everyday. She got her groove back.  


Melanie wrote her book, FibromyAWESOME after a friend asked her to write down some tips to help manage her own recent fibromyalgia diagnosis. Melanie realised that she could help other overworked, exhausted women like herself live a healthier, happier life. Just like her.

In 2020, Melanie is a certified health coach with an online health coaching business, Ultimate You By You (formerly Mello Motivation), helping tired stressed-out mums to transform their body and energy, with support and accountability. She has a Certificate of Health Coaching, and Bachelor of Nursing (Distinction) degree.

Melanie lives in Townsville, Queensland, with her husband, Sean, and blended family of her daughters Rhiannon and Isobel, and Sean’s  daughter, Ally.