Book Cover of Fibromyawesome by Melanie O'Shea

Kate Cuzzilla, Teacher/Tutor living with fibromyalgia

FibromyAWESOME is a valuable resource for anyone who has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and doesn’t know where to turn. Melanie O’Shea’s first foray into writing is insightful, humorous, easy to read, and is written in short chapters so as to not overwhelm the reader.

Melanie refuses to treat the reader as a victim, and knows the importance of hope and how the reader can change their health by changing their attitude, or mindset. Melanie tells us to question the treatment options given to us, and to think beyond the medication route. She encourages the reader to drop the labels and beliefs that come from medical practitioners, and from themselves.

As someone diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I have found FibromyAWESOME comforting to read, as well as interesting, insightful, well-sourced, and the tips and suggestions are easy to implement. I have read it many times already!

You won’t find any blank pages to fill in, yoga poses, recipes, or an overwhelming amount of advice in Melanie’s book, but you will find a wonderful resource that will give you hope and guidance when it comes to dealing with fibromyalgia or any chronic health condition.”